News from the Muralidharan lab


The new lab space

The Muralidharan lab moved down the hall to a bigger lab space. Thanks to the CTEGD leadership, the lab can grow in the coming years. This space has seen some excellent, ground breaking science as the former home of the Stripen lab. Hope we can fill those big red shoes!

Ale Villegas and David Anaguano join the team! Welcome to the Muralidharan lab!

new students join the lab

Our enterprising student, David Cobb, won the second prize at the Cellular Biology retreat for his exciting talk on the reductive power of the ER in malaria parasites.

Congratulations David

The lab receives a 2-year Nih grant

Our proposal to study the interplay between the ER and cellular signaling was awarded (R21 AI133322).

Anat won a 2-year American Heart Association postdoctoral fellowship to study the functions of the malaria plastid in the hopes of identifying new parasite-specific drug targets.

Dr. Anat Florentin selected for AHA fellowship

Vasant visits dallas


Thanks to the trainees in the Department of Biochemistry for inviting and hosting me at UTSW!

Carrie brooks joins our lab


We are thrilled that Carrie Brooks has joined our team as our lab manager! She is an amazing scientist with a wealth of experience working on apicomplexan parasites.

The lab was awarded an NIH grant 


Thanks to all the hard work by the members of the Muralidharan lab, we were awarded a five year NIH R01 grant, $1.9 million over 5 years ( R01AI130139)! 

Vasant visits St. pete


Vasant presented our work at the 103rd Annual ASM Southeastern branch meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida (Fall 2017)



CTEGD website features Anat's latest paper on the role of PfClpC in the biology of the parasite plastid (Fall 2017)


Students from Mr. Coleman's 4th grade class at Barrow Elementary visits the lab! Thanks for visiting us, come back and see us again! (Fall 2017)

David wins a poster award


David won a best poster award at the 26th annual Molecular Parasitology Meeting at Woods Hole, MA! (Fall 2017)

Congratulations, David and Manuel


Manuel was selected for the T32 Fellowship (NIH T32 AI060546) and David won the ARCS Foundation Global Impact award! These guys make us look good! (Fall 2017)

The lab receives a NIH grant!


The Muralidharan lab was awarded a NIH R21 grant (NIAID R21AI128195) to study the unique plastid of malaria parasites. (Winter 2016)

Anat wins a poster award


Anat won a best poster award at the UGA Conference on Drug Discovery! ( Fall 2015)

Congratulations to Heather!


Heather was selected for the T32 fellowship (NIH T32 AI060546)! She makes us proud! (Fall 2015)

Muralidharan Lab gets the Basil O'Connor award


The March of Dimes foundation granted the Basil O'Connor Starter Scholar Award to the Muralidharan lab. This program provides funding to newly independent researchers to study topics related to the March of Dimes mission. (Spring 2015)

Kristen wins a poster award at the CURO symposium


Our talented undergraduate researcher, Kristen, won the 2nd place in the poster awards at the CURO symposium! Way to go Kristen! (Spring 2014)

Heather wins the ARCS award!


The first graduate student in the Muralidharan lab, Heather Bishop, got the ARCS award from the Atlanta chapter!  (Fall 2014)